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Inspiration 9

Price: CAD$58.00
Item Number: I0753
The essential tool to visualize, think, organize and learn! Powered by the proven strategies of visual learning, Inspiration is the essential tool students rely on to plan, research and complete projects successfully. With the integrated Diagram and Outline Views, they create graphic organizers, develop ideas and expand topics into writing. As a result, students gain and retain a better understanding of concepts and demonstrate knowledge, improving their performance across the curriculum.

Students grade 6 to adult use Inspiration to:

  • Plan and organize

  • Research and evaluate

  • Comprehend and communicate

    Version 8 features include:

    Keyword search for symbols
    Quickly find symbols to better express ideas and represent concepts by searching with keywords. Inspiration provides more than 1,000 symbols, plus access to more than 1 million additional symbols through Inspiration Web Resources.

    Video and sound integration
    Use multimedia to create more engaging and informative projects. Students insert and play video and sound such as QuickTime movies and MP3 files right in Inspiration.

    Inspiring templates
    Start projects quickly with templates that offer frameworks for gathering information and organizing ideas. Choose from 65 enhanced templates that cover language arts, science, social studies, thinking skills and planning topics. An additional 60 templates are available through Inspiration Web Resources.

    Gather research and enhance projects with familiar drag-and-drop actions. Enhanced capabilities make it easy for students to automatically hyperlink to URLs plus quickly add text, images and multimedia files from other sources to their Inspiration projects.

    Enhanced export and transfer
    Easily and efficiently turn Inspiration documents into robust final projects with new export and transfer capabilities. New options in the Site Skeleton® export tool let students incorporate symbols, video and sound in web pages. With added transfer options, students can choose just the information they need to finalize assignments in their favorite word processor.

    Word Guide
    Write with clarity and build vocabulary using the Word Guide, an innovative dictionary and thesaurus. Information—including parts of speech, definitions and synonyms—is displayed in a familiar way to help students quickly find and choose words with precision.

    Auto spell checker
    Improve spelling skills and streamline the writing and revision process with a contextual spell checker. Misspelled words are automatically identified in both the Diagram and Outline Views so students can quickly correct errors.

    Web Resources
    Use Inspiration with an Internet connection to seamlessly access these additional complimentary resources: web resources

    More than 1 million symbols
    Students better demonstrate their understanding and communicate their ideas by including symbols in their projects. An online Inspiration symbol collection, containing more than 1 million illustrations and photographs, offers safe image choices for any topic.

    50+ Curriculum Packets
    Curriculum Packets help teachers effectively integrate visual learning techniques as they address multiple learning styles. Each comprehensive online Curriculum Packet provides an integrated unit plan with multiple templates and exemplars. Plus, each of the 50+ Curriculum Packets offers standards-aligned supplemental instructional units for high-school level language arts, social studies or science.

    On-demand training videos
    Learn how to use Inspiration and complete projects efficiently with on-demand training videos. These online videos cover Inspiration's commonly used features.

    Inspiration Starter screen
    Quickly begin projects or access training and teaching resources from the Inspiration Starter screen.

    Organize ideas effortlessly with AutoArrange. Students more efficiently add content and develop their projects, using AutoArrange to automatically format their diagrams as they work.

    Capture ideas quickly with the enhanced RapidFire® tool. Students choose to add ideas that link automatically to a symbol or to add unconnected ideas that they can later associate and link.

    Custom symbol libraries
    Help students focus on learning by providing symbols specific to their assignments. Using Inspiration's Template Wizard, custom symbol libraries can be saved and shared with template files or teachers can limit student access to symbol libraries.

    System Requirements


  • Macintosh or Power Macintosh

  • System 7.1, 8.x, 9.x or OS X

  • 4 MB available RAM

  • 640x480 display, 256-color display

  • 5 MB available hard drive minimum,

  • 30 MB for full install

  • CD-ROM drive (for installation)


  • Macintosh compatible printer

  • Internet browser

  • Microphone

  • Interactive electronic whiteboard


  • 486 processor or higher

  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, ME or XP (including Tablet PC Edition) , or Vista

  • 8 MB RAM

  • 640x480 display, 256-color display

  • 5 MB available hard drive;

  • 20 MB for full install

  • CD-ROM drive (for installation)


  • Windows compatible printer

  • Internet browser

  • Sound card and speakers

  • Microphone

  • Interactive electronic whiteboard
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